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General Rules Empty General Rules

on Thu Oct 08, 2020 5:25 pm
Welcome to BoomRO!
Please make sure to give our rules a good read, it is with utmost importance that they are followed. We also encourage everyone to report players breaking any of the following and they shall be dealt with accordingly.

BoomRO Team Members:


Kalix, Crusoe

Spanish Support:
Subaru Natsuki, Izuke

Discord Rules
1. Respect every member of the community.
2. Please be mindful of your language and your audience.
3. Please avoid discussion pertaining to racial, political or religion matter.

Social Etiquette
- Racism will result in severe punishment.
- Do not:
        Beg for items from players or GMs. Asking assistance is acceptable, but asking for items or zeny  is not.
        Impersonate others and staff.
        Spam any of the channels.
        Advertise any servers directly, you may talk about other servers but advertising will result in punishment.
        Open a shop obstructing NPCs or portals.
- Trash talking is allowed, any reports of verbal abuse will be ignored as long as they don't involve racial discrimination.

Game-File Modification
- Any use of third party programs such as 3PP, WPE, RPE for farming/gaining PvE or PvP advantages will not be tolerated.
         AFK-farming with macro programs will be considered and dealt with as botting. Should you suspect usage of said programs, please report immediately.
- Should no GMs be available, please post it on discord/forum(coming soon) in the following format:
         Your name:
         How/When did it happen:
- DO NOT modify your game client. Any modifications, should it be detected by Gepard Shield will result in a temporary ban for further investigation. Followed by a punishment depending on the severity of the offense.
- DO NOT modify any of your game files. Any modifications that gives you unfair advantage is not allowed.
- We, the BoomRO team, do not condone or endorse GRF editing nor do we offer support for it. Do so at your own risk.

This will also serve as a current terms of agreement and is subject to change. Should you react to this, and register via our website will mean you agree to these.

Stay cool.
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